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From First to Last: Surfing on the Second Wave

The rapid humbling of the Czech attitude over the nation's response to COVID-19 has been quite something to see. After a strong lockdown in March and April, restrictions began to be loosened in May. In July, there was even a "Goodbye to COVID" potluck dinner on Charles Bridge.  Except, when they said "na shledanou," COVID said "dobrý den."
Yikes! But, in case you were thinking that maybe that's just the result of increased testing, etc...

As of the time I am writing this (Tuesday, September 29th), there were over 800 patients in Czech hospitals because of COVID and about 180 who were seriously ill and on venitalators. A month ago, 158 people were in hospital, and 37 were on ventilators. That's an over 400% increase in both those figures in a month. By my math, about one half of all Czech coronavirus infections have been detected in September. The crisis went from "a thing of the past," to "back but manageable," to "much w…

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