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Prague Blog: Take a Hike! No, Seriously--Go Hiking!

Czechs are an outdoorsy people. They love spending time in "the nature," a kind of catch-all term that encompasses  the outdoors, the countryside, and the environment generally. If you ask a Czech person about their hobbies--which I do frequently as part of my job--outdoor sports (cycling, hiking, skiing, etc.) are invariably near the top of the list, making the average American--or this average American, at least--feel like a slug in comparison.

Hiking, in particular, is a passion here, a passion that is in a symbiotic relationship with the Czech hiking trail system. The Czech Republic is home to 40,000 km (~25,000 miles) of hiking trails. Reread that number. 40,000 kilometers is the approximate circumference of the planet Earth at the equator. Walking every meter of every Czech hiking trail would be the equivalent of walking the planet--all in a nation smaller than South Carolina. That's not to count the thousands and thousands of kilometers of trails of cycling, skiin…

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